186e Jaargang / Guurst Februari 2012

The Non-Dutch Page

The first matter that needs to be addressed on this page is the fact that apparently the Reader does not have a firm grasp on the Dutch Language. Het Gilde would like to stress the important role of the Dutch Language in the Art of Typography. Unable to read the language makes it difficult to learn anything of gravitas and importance and, quite frankly, questions your professionalism. Great typedesigners like Mr. N. R. Kis, Mr. E. Spiekermann, Mr. R. Chalet and Mr. M. Carter took the effort. So should you.

The Guild

The Guild was founded in 1826 to unite the experience and knowledge on Type Design in the Netherlands. Since then the Guild and its members have made progress in furthering the Art of Typography, informing laypeople about the immense difficulties faced by Type Designers not to mention the incredible, grave responsibility of keeping Typography clean from "shallow enjoyment".

The Guild abhorrs the new-fangled Bauhaus and its subscribers, the use of bright colors in Typography (such as Beige and Gray). The Guild regards any new technology with great suspicion. Guild Members can decide that embracing a certain device might be beneficial, for example this digital internet web page. The Guild also sponsors scientific research into several subjects that endanger Typography. Topics such as "Costeriana, not Gutenbergiana", "Pop music and the Serif", "Under The Influence of Pamphlets", "Paragraphs on PostScript" and "Illustrated Magazines Will Make You Go Blind" are currently under investigation.
Finally Het Gilde strives to make "Type Designer" a protected honorary title. There are far too many quacks with digital graphic computers about calling themselves typographer these days and it is about time someone did something about that.

And that is all we want to share with you at the moment. For more information we urge you to learn Dutch.